INFINITI’s Ambition 2030 Provides Glimpse of Remarkable Future

INFINITI's Ambition 2030 Provides Glimpse of Remarkable Future | Syracuse, NY

Take a peek into the future of driving. INFINITI’s Ambition 2030 showcases the automaker’s goals for the near future, which include improving sustainability, creating more electrified vehicles, and lowering the brand’s emissions. 

“Today, we announce that not only will most of the vehicles we sell by 2030 be electrified, but also that those vehicles will embody our unique take on modern Japanese luxury,” stated Peyman Kargar, INFINITI Chairman. “They will be daring, forward, and centered around the human experience.”

Since the INFINITI brand launched in 1989, the automaker has put people’s needs at the forefront. For most of the company’s history, this has meant prioritizing comfort, ergonomics, safety, and technology. While this philosophy will continue, INFINITI will also set its sights on electrification, as proven by projects like the QX Inspiration concept.

This fully electric concept crossover features a spacious cabin, a sleek, aerodynamic exterior, and design details inspired by the minimalist elegance of Japanese lacquerware and ceramic work. And while the QX Inspiration isn’t headed to the assembly line, it illustrates the brand’s plans to create vehicles that are stunningly gorgeous, remarkably comfortable, and environmentally sustainable. On top of that, it showcases the potential for the spacious, comfortable interior enabled by EV architecture.

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