Figuring Out the Strange Smells From Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Figuring Out the Strange Smells From Your Car’s Air Conditioner | Syracuse, NY

Spring has sprung in Syracuse, and warmer temperatures are on the way. That means your car’s air conditioner will need to be ready to stand up to summer’s sweltering heat. While your INFINITI may be equipped with handy features like automatic climate control, there’s nothing luxurious about suffering through smelly air flowing from the vents. Here’s a look at some common causes of a stale-smelling AC unit.

If your car’s air conditioning smells like a musty, mildew-infested basement, there’s probably an issue with its under-hood air intake vent. However, this can also point to mold in the vents or a leaky drain tube spilling water into the cabin.

Sweaty odors mean that it’s time to look under the hood. If dust, dirt, and bacteria have built up in the cabin air filter, it can leave your car smelling like a dirty locker room. Swap the filter to have fresher air.

A strange, sweet, syrupy smell indicates an issue with a leaky heater core. And if you’re picking up a chemical odor, it likely means that the refrigerant in the AC evaporator has sprung a leak.

If you need help diagnosing and removing a strange scent from your car’s climate control system, schedule a visit with the factory-trained experts at the Lowery Bros. INFINITI of Syracuse service center.