INFINITI’s Ambition 2030 Provides Glimpse of Remarkable Future

INFINITI's Ambition 2030 Provides Glimpse of Remarkable Future | Syracuse, NY

Take a peek into the future of driving. INFINITI’s Ambition 2030 showcases the automaker’s goals for the near future, which include improving sustainability, creating more electrified vehicles, and lowering the brand’s emissions. 

“Today, we announce that not only will most of the vehicles we sell by 2030 be electrified, but also that those vehicles will embody our unique take on modern Japanese luxury,” stated Peyman Kargar, INFINITI Chairman. “They will be daring, forward, and centered around the human experience.”

Since the INFINITI brand launched in 1989, the automaker has put people’s needs at the forefront. For most of the company’s history, this has meant prioritizing comfort, ergonomics, safety, and technology. While this philosophy will continue, INFINITI will also set its sights on electrification, as proven by projects like the QX Inspiration concept.

This fully electric concept crossover features a spacious cabin, a sleek, aerodynamic exterior, and design details inspired by the minimalist elegance of Japanese lacquerware and ceramic work. And while the QX Inspiration isn’t headed to the assembly line, it illustrates the brand’s plans to create vehicles that are stunningly gorgeous, remarkably comfortable, and environmentally sustainable. On top of that, it showcases the potential for the spacious, comfortable interior enabled by EV architecture.

Want to see how elegant and futuristic your daily drive could be? Schedule a test drive at INFINITI of Syracuse.

INFINITI Recognized in J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index

INFINITI Recognized in J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index | Syracuse, NY

Recently, INFINITI was recognized as one of the top brands in the yearly J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index. Although the brand faced challenges and setbacks due to supply chain issues and other disruptions, INFINITI still managed to outclass its high-end rivals in customer satisfaction.

The J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index considers six different factors when choosing the top brands. For instance, it looks at how customer’s rated their vehicle delivery experience, along with the dealer personnel, and the retail facilities themselves. The study also accounts for the functionality of the retailer’s website and the negotiation practices of the dealers themselves. And across all these categories, INFINITI earned a spot in the top two.

“We are proud of our INFINITI teammates and partners’ efforts to deliver an easy, safe, and satisfying car buying experience,” stated Jeff Pope, the group vice president of INFINITI America. “Despite significant challenges again this year, our retailers and team rose to the challenge and helped to keep our promise as a human-centric brand.”

INFINITI continues to hold true to its mission of being a human-centric brand. Recently, the automaker made buying a car online even easier with the INFINITI NOW program. This handy shopping tool lets you browse for vehicles online, specify how you’d like to build your car, and once you’ve placed your order, you can simply pick it up from a local retailer like INFINITI of Syracuse.   Come see for yourself why INFINITI has so many happy customers — visit us today at INFINITI of Syracuse.

Wireless Apple CarPlay® Upgrade Available for Most 2020 and 2021 INFINITI Models

Wireless Apple CarPlay® Upgrade Available for Most 2020 and 2021 INFINITI Models | Syracuse, NY

Get ready to ditch the USB cables and enjoy wireless smartphone connectivity in your INFINITI vehicle. The automaker recently announced that it would provide complimentary Wireless Apple CarPlay® upgrades for select INFINITI models. Here’s how to know if your vehicle is eligible for a complimentary Wireless Apple CarPlay® upgrade.

The new update applies to 2020 and 2021 models of the Q50 sedan, Q60 coupe, QX50 crossover, and the QX80 SUV. So whether you’ve owned one of these models for the past few years or you’re shopping for a pre-owned INFINITI vehicle, you’re sure to be driving with the very latest connectivity conveniences.

Other INFINITI models with wireless Apple CarPlay® include the 2022 versions of the QX80, QX60, Q50, Q60, and the brand-new INFINITI QX55 crossover coupe. You’ll be able to snag this free update from now until March 31, 2022.

Jeff Pope, group vice president of INFINITI Americas, stated that the brand’s focus is on customer satisfaction. That’s why he’s proud to announce the broader availability of wireless Apple CarPlay® for drivers. “More than 80 percent of luxury vehicle owners use Apple products, and now these INFINITI owners can go wireless while using CarPlay® in their vehicle,” Pope explained.

Want to drive with the latest connectivity features? Shop for a new or used INFINITI vehicle at INFINITI of Syracuse in Syracuse, New York.

4 Useful Holiday Traveling Tips

4 Useful Holiday Traveling Tips | Syracuse, NY

If you’re planning on visiting friends or family this holiday season you can save yourself some stress by planning ahead. Here’s a look at a few traveling tips to help your next holiday road trip run smoothly.

1. Pack smarter

Before you pile your QX50 high with presents for your kids, grandkids, nephews, and nieces, consider your line of sight. Make sure that your cargo doesn’t obscure your ability to see out your windows and use your mirrors.

2. Choose the right tires

If you’re going to be driving around upstate New York or the snowy roads of New England, it’s critical to have the right tires. Come to the INFINITI of Syracuse service center, and we’ll help you find and install a set of winter tires to make your travels safer.

3. Fill up on gas

When cold weather hits, gas can freeze in your fuel line. To prevent this, keep your gas tank above half full.

4. Bring your car in for a checkup

Nothing will put a damper on your holiday spirit like a car breakdown halfway through your journey. So before you head out, bring your vehicle to the INFINITI of Syracuse service department, where our expert technicians will make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

Need a little extra help getting your car ready for the holiday rush? Schedule an appointment at the INFINITI of Syracuse service department.

How to Care for a Leather Interior

Infiniti Interior | Syracuse, NY

Your car’s leather interior looks stunning and feels luxurious, but without proper maintenance, it won’t stay that way. The rigors of daily chores, family commutes, and road trips can take their toll, but with a little TLC, you can keep your car’s leather interior looking fresh for years to come. Here are some tips to keep it looking its best.

First, vacuum up any loose particles. Consider using an upholstery brush attachment — it’s less likely to scratch or tear your car’s leather interior, and it’ll loosen up any caked-on dust or debris. Use a thin nozzle to clean between the seats.

Once you’ve vacuumed, use a specialized leather cleaner to give your vehicle’s seats a thorough cleaning. Make sure that the cleaning solution is free from ammonia or bleach. Before applying the cleaner, test it on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that it won’t damage the upholstery. If it’s safe, apply it to a microfiber cloth and massage it into the seats to wash away any remaining dirt or stains. Thoroughly dry the interior to prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

If you need tips on detailing the interior of your INFINITI model, contact us at INFINITI of Syracuse.

INFINITI Q50 Receives AutoPacific 2021 Vehicle Satisfaction Award

INFINITI Q50 | Syracuse, NY

The INFINITI Q50 has received an AutoPacific 2021 Vehicle Satisfaction Award in the Standard Luxury Car category. In the past, the QX50, QX60, and QX80 have all earned VSA wins, but this is a first for the Q50 sports car.

The annual VSA awards are based on survey responses from over 89,000 owners of new cars and light trucks. By asking owners to measure their satisfaction with 36 individual vehicle attributes, such as usability, seating comfort, and driving performance, the VSAs paint an objective picture of the most satisfying vehicles on the market.

For the 2021 model year, the INFINITI Q50 was the standout model in AutoPacific’s Standard Luxury Car category, one of the most competitive segments in the market. The Q50 was rated as equal or better than its rivals in 27 of the 36 surveyed attributes and earned praise for its acceleration, braking, numerous safety features, powerful twin-turbocharged V6 engine, ride quality, handling, and visibility from the driver’s seat.

“For model-year 2021, our sports sedan is fueled for passionate drivers looking for something as distinctive as they are. We are proud and honored to have the Q50 recognized by its owners,” said Jeff Pope, group vice president of INFINITI Americas.

Visit INFINITI of Syracuse in Syracuse, New York, for an in-person look at the winner of a 2021 Vehicle Satisfaction Award.

Kate Hudson Helps Promote New 2022 QX60

America’s sweetheart has partnered with INFINITI to form a dream team in support of the brand-new 2022 QX60 launch. INFINITI, which has previously joined forces with superstars like Aloe Blacc, unveiled a new campaign for its latest crossover starring the multi-talented Kate Hudson.

INFINITI likely tapped Golden Globe winner Hudson for its short film introducing the flexible 2022 QX60 SUV because of her kindred versatility. Kate Hudson has starred in serious dramas, tried her hand at fashion design, performed song and dance numbers on TV, provided voice acting in animated films, and written a bestselling novel.

According to Phil York, INFINITI’s Global Brand and Marketing General Manager, the automaker was looking to “celebrate the many roles our target customers play, from the boardroom to school drop-off” with its inspirational short film celebrating its newest addition to the lineup.

new 2022 QX60 - syracuse, NY

As part of its market research, INFINITI uncovered that its drivers – like Hudson and the QX60 – are go-getters. The numbers revealed that INFINITI customers are philanthropic, reliable confidants for friends and family, involved with the education of their children, and leaders at work.

The short film, which was directed by Hollywood icon Zach Snyder, is available to watch on the INFINITI website – though no word yet on whether or not we can expect a gritty, black-and-white alternate cut in the future.

2022 QX60 Debut: Redesigned Luxury SUV Coming to Syracuse, NY

2022 QX60 Debut | Syracuse, NY

Looking for a prestigious luxury SUV for your executive lifestyle here in Syracuse, New York? We at INFINITI of Syracuse want to introduce you to the 2022 QX60 SUV, a seven-seat midsize SUV that’s recently undergone some attention-grabbing changes.

The 2022 INFINITI QX60 made its public appearance on June 23, and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. As the second generation of this premium family model, the latest QX60 offers many performance, comfort, and style highlights that are sure to appeal to sophisticated parents here in Syracuse. 

This breathtaking luxury SUV is powered by a robust 3.5-liter V6. Producing 295 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque, this powertrain delivers a thrilling drive no matter where in New York you’re traveling — even if you’re just running errands here in Syracuse. To fully experience the sporty performance of the QX60, you need to upgrade to all-wheel drive and grab hold of the paddle shifters. The quick-shifting responsiveness and stability of the 2022 INFINITI QX60 make it a joy to drive through our state’s many winding roads.

As an INFINITI model, the redesigned QX60 includes many standard luxury features that elevate your carpools and daily commutes. For instance, a panoramic moonroof, power liftgate, LED headlights, and INFINITI InTouch™ 12.3-inch Interactive touch screen all come at no extra cost to you.

If you’re as excited about the 2022 QX60 debut as we are here at INFINITI of Syracuse, we invite you to visit our dealership and reserve your 2022 QX60 right away.

Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Family Road Trip

Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Family Road Trip | Syracuse, NY

Summer is here and that means you and your family are looking for a fun, stress-free road trip. If you want your time on the road with your family to be simple, safe, and as pleasant as possible, check out these tips.

Know what to expect

Family road trips operate differently than solo journeys. You’ll have more stops and your trip will take longer. Mentally prepare for this and expect a slower pace.

Pack healthy snacks

Be sure to pack healthy snacks for everyone on the trip. This will provide quality nutrition that will help you stay energized and won’t lead to sugar-induced hyperactivity in children. Avoid sticky, messy snacks that kids could easily struggle with.

Bring some activities

Pack activities such as coloring books, brain teasers, tablets, novels, or whatever it is your children like. Find podcasts or music you want to listen to on the way. Family car games such as the Alphabet Game or the License Plate Game are easy ways to bring everyone together during a long road trip.

Plan out exercise

Everyone should stretch their legs, walk around, and breathe in fresh air for at least a few minutes at every stop.

Keep it clean

Keep baby wipes and other essential cleaning supplies on hand. It’s also a good idea to bring along a plastic bag or two for trash.

These are just some of the many tips for creating a stress-free road trip for your family. If you’ve got any suggestions, let our team know here at INFINITI of Syracuse.

Figuring Out the Strange Smells From Your Car’s Air Conditioner

Figuring Out the Strange Smells From Your Car’s Air Conditioner | Syracuse, NY

Spring has sprung in Syracuse, and warmer temperatures are on the way. That means your car’s air conditioner will need to be ready to stand up to summer’s sweltering heat. While your INFINITI may be equipped with handy features like automatic climate control, there’s nothing luxurious about suffering through smelly air flowing from the vents. Here’s a look at some common causes of a stale-smelling AC unit.

If your car’s air conditioning smells like a musty, mildew-infested basement, there’s probably an issue with its under-hood air intake vent. However, this can also point to mold in the vents or a leaky drain tube spilling water into the cabin.

Sweaty odors mean that it’s time to look under the hood. If dust, dirt, and bacteria have built up in the cabin air filter, it can leave your car smelling like a dirty locker room. Swap the filter to have fresher air.

A strange, sweet, syrupy smell indicates an issue with a leaky heater core. And if you’re picking up a chemical odor, it likely means that the refrigerant in the AC evaporator has sprung a leak.

If you need help diagnosing and removing a strange scent from your car’s climate control system, schedule a visit with the factory-trained experts at the Lowery Bros. INFINITI of Syracuse service center.