5 Easy Garage Cleaning Tips for Every Season

5 Easy Garage Cleaning Tips for Every Season | Syracuse, NY

Is garage clutter creeping up on you? Spring cleaning is a great time for a fresh start and that includes the garage.

Sort it out

The first step to clearing the clutter in a garage is to sort through and organize everything. Separate items into piles: keep, give away, sell or toss. This can be a tough decision, so decide on some criteria ahead of time. Seasonal items, such as holiday decorations or the barbeque grill should stay, unless they need to be replaced. Tools that are used regularly or sentimental items are keepers, too. The ugly lamps Aunt Rita gave you can go in the donation pile.

Scrub it Down

After you get everything moved out of the way, give the garage floor a good scrubbing. Clay kitty litter is useful for soaking up spills of oil and other fluids. Use a degreasing soap and a stiff bristle brush to clean the area and a mop for rinsing. A box fan can help the area dry faster.

While you are in the mood to tidy up, don’t forget to make an appointment for a service check-up for your car at INFINITI of Syracuse. An oil change, fluid check, and tire rotation will feel like a fresh start, too.

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